Arvi's is BY FAR the best hair place around. SUPER FRIENDLY AND EXPERIENCED STAFF! Thank you!


Ashley does a great job!




Arvi has done a very good job cutting my hair. My hair is very curly and can be quite difficult to cut, so it's been great that I've found someone who can cut it how I like it! Thanks!

Karen Ruchty

I have been coming here 9 years to get my eyebrows threaded! Love it here. WON'T GO ANYWHERE ELSE!


Arvi is the best at helping me figure out what I really want with my hair and the facials are so wonderfully relaxing!

Denise Kewin

Arvi's was recommended to me for threading and I have been coming for years now. They do a FANTASTIC JOB!


I have been coming to Arvi's for the past ten years. LOVE THE GREAT SERVICE!


Discovered "threading" - won't go anywhere else! Thanks!


Always come to Arvi's, the best place to get a fresh cut.


I have been coming to Arvi for about TWELVE YEARS and she is the only person I would trust with my hair! Thanks Arvi, YOU ARE THE BEST!

Ken Nagra

I have been coming to Arvi's for almost TEN YEARS! They have always done a great job and I have told all my friends about them.


Everytime I come into Arvi's, the staff treats me as if I am family. The warm atmosphere is complimented by the highly skilled stylists and the haircut is always done right! Would recommend to EVERYONE!

A. Sekhon

Arvi is the only stylist able to cut my son's hair without issues and tears. Always happy on the way out. Thank You!

Shandi Christian

Ashley does such a wonderful job! Thank You.


My son, daughter and I have been coming here for years, Arvi is THE place to be for service without compromise always professional and cheerful.


My fussy teen son won't get his hair cut anywhere else!! ... Arvi is the best in town!!

Julie Brown

Arvi's Hair Design simply said, absoulutley first class run business with exceptional staff. I've been coming here for many years, very caring and considerate people that simply said take a lot of pride and care in taking care of their clients. The experience and outgoing friendly staff is a great experience I would highly recommend and definitley refer Arvi's Hair Design to all fellow customers.

Ken Gardner

Been coming here for years and always the best service and friendliest. Best place in town.


Awesome service friendly people. I would not go anywhere else! Thank you


I love going to Arvi's ! I always come out when Im done feeling good about myself and I always feel sooo pampered. I get great advice and tips on how to look my best , I have never trusted a salon as much as I do Arvi's. The service is always very good and the wait is always short. Love all the staff, everyone is so kind . Thank you to Arvi and her wonderful staff.

Yvonne Vinall

I've been coming to Arvi's for years and after trying mostly all other threading salons, she is the BEST! Not only does she provide an awesome job, she is always smiling and professional; I recommend any of her services, you won't be disappointed!

Debbie Rodrigue

Ever since the day I first got my eyebrows, waxing done at Arvi's, I have never been to another salon since! Arvi's gives such great customer service, along with all the stylist/receptionists. On a person level, Arvi is amazing, and as a stylist, she is one of a kind. BEST THREADING IN TOWN! Lots of great haircare and jewellery in the store as well!

Mikayla Quon

Everytime I go back to Abby for a visit, I have to see Arvi and get 'the works'.................Best place for all hair needs !!

Shelli Fort

Such a great place.....treats our family so kindly everytime we come

Caroline Dalgleish


Yvonne Vinall

Arvi's is THE place for threading. The staff is professional and friendly and that has guaranteed my business for the last 5 years

Carla Anderson

HI Arvi: Shelli from Victoria. When are you going to open a shop out here !! Victoria needs you :)
Glad to see you are doing well."

Shelli Fort

Some of your clients would like to thank you for making them feel and look so lovely!!! Hope your enjoying your summer as well! see you soon!

Dee Jackson