Aesthetics Services at Arvi’s

Arvi’s offers an all-encompassing menu of luxury services. We cater to you and your own unique needs and take our time and make sure you are completely satisfied. We take optimal care of you from beginning to end of each visit.


Eyebrow Threading is a non-invasive hair removal technique with the use of 100% cotton thread. It is effective for both men and women.

Threading is an ancient method of hair removal. It is very popular in many Eastern cultures. It works by using the cotton thread that is twisted and rolled along the surface of the skin, entwining the hair in the thread and lifting it out of the follicle. This is the least painful way to remove facial hair, however the skin usually reacts with a little redness. We also offer a full range of other facial threading options, such as the upper lip, side burns and full chin, which allow for a clean complexion.

Henna (Mehandi) Art

Henna is an ancient Indian tradition of adorning the body with intricate patterns. You can get beautiful henna art drawn on your hands or feet.

The art of Mehandi or Henna Body Art, is an exquisite art form which has been practiced for centuries in places like India and the Middle East. Its origins date back as long as 5000 years, when it was first used as a cosmetic that was found on the hair and nails of Egyptian mummies. Mehandi is the art of applying designs to ones skin with the paste made from its powder form.

Waxing Services

Waxing is one of the most challenging skin care procedures. It requires special skill and experience. Arvi’s specializes in waxing various body parts, which are done in a quick and efficient matter.

Our standard for your comfort applies to all our waxing services:

  • Full Body
  • Full Legs
  • Bikini
  • Brazilian
  • Under Arms
  • Full Arms
  • Chest
  • Back
  • Face
  • Full Face
  • Lip
  • Chin
  • Eyebrows

Organic Herbal Facials

  • Mini Facial
  • Acne Facial
  • Balancing Facial
  • Teen Skincare Facial
  • Treatment Facial
  • Shahnaz Facial
  • Shahnaz Gold Facial